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Colored crushed glass for fireplaces, home and garden. Colorful and non-toxic, our decorative glass has a dramatic effect in many applications: fireplaces, landscaping, flower beds, lawn edging, ponds and fountains, flower vases, arts and crafts, and in a multitude of design projects. FREE SHIPPING on all glass orders of $95 and more.

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Free shipping on all glass orders of $95 and more!

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Considering adding color to your fireplace, garden path, or flower displays? Stone Decorative offers a sparkling collection of decorative colored crushed and fire glass chippings to boost your design imagination. Bright and versatile, Stone Decorative’s glass is environmentally safe and heat resistant.

Use as a bed for the fire stones or alone as a brilliant replacement to logs or lava rocks. The fireplace glass will not melt or generate fumes or smoke.

Use as a decorative glass for many landscape projects to replace mulch, bark, or gravel. Mix our colored fire pit glass to concrete for a non-skid, reflective terrazzo effect.

DID YOU KNOW that our decorative landscape glass can also act as a natural deterrent to uninvited slugs or earthworms that are ruining your plants? Try it! Glass with sharp or coarse edges deter these pests, to some extent, from invading your garden.


• black (onyx, dark gray)
• clear (ice, transparent)
• white (clear on one side, mirrored on the other)
• copper (brown, coffee)
• gray (gunmetal gray)
• aqua blue (light, water blue)
• blue diamond (bright, cobalt blue)